AGM Announcement

Please be aware that we will be having an AGM on the 05-02-2021 starting at 19.30hrs

Due to Covid 19 this will be a Zoom meeting and to register to attend please send an Email to with your name and Email address so that all information can be forwarded to you to join in,   We do have some committee staying but if you think you would like to contribute to this great club please consider joining on our committee.  We have committee meetings once a month and the work load is generally spread out within the working committee so each position is easy to manage.  most meetings that have to be attended now are Zoom meetings so that area is easily covered

This meeting should only go for 30 Minutes as our allowable time frame for the Zoom Meeting is only 45 Minutes

Any Queries please contact Frank Sieben on 0466847051

For JSL Sunday Soccer

UNDER 14 JSL Team ( A couple of places still available)
Born 2007 and 2008
Tuesday 3rd November between 5pm and 6pm
At McLaren Flat Recreation Oval
UNDER 16 JSL Team ( A couple of places still available)
Born 2005 and 2006
Tuesday 3rd November between 5pm and 6pm
At McLaren Flat Recreation Oval
For further information please contact
Frank Sieben on 0466847051
Player Fees only $425

Invitation to come and trial for the next level of Soccer

We would like to announce trials for Sunday soccer playing in 2021
All players are welcome to come and have a go, age groups that we are putting forward are a follows
Under 13: player born in 2008
Under 14: player born in 2007
Under 15: player born in 2006
Under 16: player born in 2005
Under 17: player born in 2004
Trials to be held at the McLaren Flat Recreation Ground
On dates October 14 and 16.
Starting at 5pm for under 13’s and 14’s
6pm for under 15’s, 16’s and 17,s
Also a third trial for Sun 18th
Starting at 9am for under 13’s, 14’s and 10:30am for under 15’s, 16’s and 17’s
If you know of any other players that would love to come and try out feel free to pass this on.
Cost of season fees is $425 this includes playing strip and jacket which are the players to keep
For any further information please feel free to contact me or visit our web site.
Frank Sieben
McLaren Districts Soccer Club Inc

To all
In light of this Conornavirus Please beaware that the FSA have told all teams / associations to stop training and have postponed all games until the 14th April. We are to comply with these arrangements until the date set by the FSA. There will be further communications to this and I will endeavour to inform you all ASAP
Please note that we are all still hopeful for a resumption of play after this and on this we ask that all school children that wish to play still register online for Saturday playing and all those that have registered for JSL please continue to be patient.
Also if any are interested we do have a couple of positions open in the JSL teams for under 13’s and 15’s. Just let me know
Frank Sieben
Chairperson / Registrar

Dated 13-02-2020
Please note that registrations are now open please go to playfootball and follow the instructions that are listed in forms on our web site
Please only register under the McLaren districts soccer club (school soccer).
Frank Sieben

Welcome to McLaren Districts Soccer Club

Season 2020 see us once again cater for all groups, both Male and Females students from McLaren Vale primary school, McLaren Flat primary school and Tatachilla Lutheran college and those outside the area
We have teams from under 6 to under 16 that play in the Noarlunga Districts Junior Soccer Association on a Saturday Morning. The games start generally the first weekend of the second school term and conclude at the end of school term 3
Teams we play against are schools and other clubs from Happy Valley to Pt Elliot
Training nights are generally held during the week after school on our home ground at the McLaren Flat recreation Ground, Times and nights for training are generally set by the coaches, and this is determined by when a coach has time. Please note that all our coaches are volunteers
The cost of playing soccer is $120 for a child from reception to grade 7 and its $130 for grade 8 and above
Please remember up to and including grade 7, you could be eligible for a grant from the dept sport and recreation for $100 which then would end up costing parents $20 per player. all you have to do is fill in a sports voucher which we can supply and get it back to me, I will do the rest

Please note! that the online registration should start in the second week in February. Keep an eye out on the web site and look the banners at the school gates

If you need further information please give me a call
Frank Sieben
McLaren districts Soccer Club inc

To all
Please be aware that we have to have a AGM before the start of the season
The AGM will be held on Wednesday the 19 – 02 – 2020 starting at 7.30 in the McLaren Districts Soccer Club Change rooms at the McLaren Flat Recreation Grounds . This meeting will be once again looking for people to step up and help run the club. Without you we will not progress and please believe me that the more that help the easier the jobs are. We only have a meeting once a month and it normally lasts no longer than an hr. We do have a chairperson, treasurer, registrar, a NDJSA rep, a canteen manager and a groudsperson already. We are looking for a secretary, a property steward, a JSL rep and a SAASL REP. Also just ordinary committee members would be good as well
This agm we do have to pass the new amended constitution as it has been updated to cover the new rules and regulations that we now play under. This should be easy. I will post the constitution in the next couple of days on the web site for those interested to read through
Please consider helping.
For more information please give me a call
Frank Sieben

Some very exciting news for the club


In addition to having teams and playing on Saturdays in the NDJSA Association. We will be as of 2020 also playing in the JSL (Junior State League ) ON A Sunday morning with ages Under 13, Under 14, Under 15 and Under 16
I consider this the next step in our evolution as a Soccer club and I personally am looking forward to opening the door for those playing that wish to play at a higher level of soccer
With entering this level of competition you will be playing not just around the local area but against clubs from the other side of the city to victor harbour
We will be holding trials for these age groups towards the end of September and I will let you all know exact dates and times
The cost unfortunately will increase for those trialing for this new venture and we expect this to be $375 per player however each player will get a full playing kit, the extra fees will be to cover the extra costs of entering a higher grade of competition

If you know of any other players that would love to come and try out feel free to pass this on and any further information please feel free to contact me
Frank Sieben
McLaren Districts Soccer Club Inc

Instructions to obtain your child’s fixtures

1. Access The NDJSA web site.
2. After opening the website click on the word fixtures
3. You can at this point click on the individual ages and get to your child’s team by clicking on Fixtures
4. For the older ages you can also click on results and ladders to see where you are on the ladder
5. After clicking fixture it will take you to a page showing who you are playing. First listed team is the home team
6. To find the address look under two listed teams and you will see time date and under this the location click on this and you will see a google map and a address

To access the full seasons worth of fixture please follow these instructions

1. Once again go to the NDJSA web page
2. Click on the fixtures button
3. Click on the appropriate age group fixture
4. Just under the banners on the top of the page you will find the word club website. Click on this
5. Scroll down to the McLaren square and click on this
6. This will once again bring you to all of McLaren’s teams
7. Click on the appropriate age fixture
8. Just under the McLaren banner is a list of headers. Click on the word seasons fixtures
9. This will bring up the seasons worth of fixtures which you can print out by right clicking
10. Please be aware that the away teams addresses won’t print out from this area
11. To see the addresses you will need to click on view which is down the right hand side of this list
12. Lastly unfortunately the addresses can only be accessed when you go to individual fixtures
13. I have attached a listing of your coaches and your team respective colours

Last but not least for phone users only, I hope this works for you
1. As above go to the NDJSA website
2. Click on the bars on top left
3. Then click on Fixtures
4. Again click on the menu bars
5. Click on club website
6. Scroll down to the McLaren site and click on this
7. Click on your appropriate age group fixture
8. Once again click on the menu button top right on screen
9. This will bring up a menu screen
10. Click on season fixtures
11. This will now show you the seasons worth of fixtures
12. To see the address of the venue you are going to click on view and that will bring you to that individual game and under this is the access to the ground map