Instructions to obtain your child’s fixtures

1. Access The NDJSA web site.
2. After opening the website click on the word fixtures
3. You can at this point click on the individual ages and get to your child’s team by clicking on Fixtures
4. For the older ages you can also click on results and ladders to see where you are on the ladder
5. After clicking fixture it will take you to a page showing who you are playing. First listed team is the home team
6. To find the address look under two listed teams and you will see time date and under this the location click on this and you will see a google map and a address

To access the full seasons worth of fixture please follow these instructions

1. Once again go to the NDJSA web page
2. Click on the fixtures button
3. Click on the appropriate age group fixture
4. Just under the banners on the top of the page you will find the word club website. Click on this
5. Scroll down to the McLaren square and click on this
6. This will once again bring you to all of McLaren’s teams
7. Click on the appropriate age fixture
8. Just under the McLaren banner is a list of headers. Click on the word seasons fixtures
9. This will bring up the seasons worth of fixtures which you can print out by right clicking
10. Please be aware that the away teams addresses won’t print out from this area
11. To see the addresses you will need to click on view which is down the right hand side of this list
12. Lastly unfortunately the addresses can only be accessed when you go to individual fixtures
13. I have attached a listing of your coaches and your team respective colours

Last but not least for phone users only, I hope this works for you
1. As above go to the NDJSA website
2. Click on the bars on top left
3. Then click on Fixtures
4. Again click on the menu bars
5. Click on club website
6. Scroll down to the McLaren site and click on this
7. Click on your appropriate age group fixture
8. Once again click on the menu button top right on screen
9. This will bring up a menu screen
10. Click on season fixtures
11. This will now show you the seasons worth of fixtures
12. To see the address of the venue you are going to click on view and that will bring you to that individual game and under this is the access to the ground map