To all
Please be aware that we have to have a AGM before the start of the season
The AGM will be held on Wednesday the 07 – 02 – 2024 starting at 7.30 in the McLaren Districts Soccer Club Change rooms at the McLaren Flat Recreation Grounds . This meeting will be once again looking for people to step up and help run the club. Without you we will not progress and please believe me that the more that help the easier the jobs are. We only have a meeting once a month and it normally lasts no longer than an hr. We do have a chairperson, treasurer, registrar, a NDJSA rep, a canteen manager and a groudsperson already. We are looking for a secretary, a property steward, a JSL rep and a SAASL REP. Also just ordinary committee members would be good as well

Please consider helping.
For more information please give me a call
Frank Sieben