To all

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We are very pleased to announce that we have 10 junior teams this year from ages Under 7 to under 17 with 117 children playing

We have the following

  1. Under 13 team with Daniel Hutt as their Coach
  2. Under 12 team with Rick Clennett as their Coach
  3. Under 11 team with Gary McReynolds As Their Coach
  4. Under 10 team with Jordan Pritchard as their coach
  5. Under 9 team with Steven Cassin as their Coach
  6. Under 8 team with Stuart Suter as your Coach
  7. Under 7 Red with Courtney Nesje as their Coach
  8. Under 7 Blue with Adam Jennings as their Coach
  9. Under 7 Green with Andre Van Driel as their Coach
  10. Under 17 our only JSL Sunday team with Daniel Searle as their Coach

First game kicks off on the 01-05-2021


Do you need socks and shorts

We will be at the club on the 26th to the 31st of April from 3.30pm to 5.30pm each night for you to be able to come down and purchase these.  You can also bring down any old boots for another child to use or for you to swap over with what we have in box of goodies

You can also finalise any payments and bring down any sports vouchers that you haven’t already sent to me, there will also be forms for you at the club  Payments can be made by Cash or Card


Prices for these and more are listed below

Socks                    $15

Shorts                  $20

Training tops      $20

Jackets                 $35        Limited supply of these

Jackets (NEW)    $75        We have some jackets but are taking orders for anyone that wants one   (there is a 3 – 4 week wait for these)

Beanies                Price still to be found out but we will know on those nights

Car Stickers         $10


Covid-19 Rules and Regulations

These rules effect all players and Guardians /Parents

There are QR codes up at the change rooms of the Club and everyone is expected to sign in at trainings and Matches, you will also find that requirement at other venues as well,  please do the right thing and scan the QR code or use the sign in register if you don’t have a phone

If you or your child are sick please don’t come to training or the game as we don’t want to infect anyone else (please remember to think about others)

All players must use sanitiser before and after any training or games and each coach will have a sanitiser spray with their kit bag

No players are to share any food or drink with others and that means that unfortunately there will be no oranges to share

Lastly we will once again leave the road open around the park and I implore all to watch out for children running on the road   SLOW DOWN AROUND THE OVAL


Please support us by using our Canteen this year as this will keep our fees once again down for season 2022 and if you are asked please give an hr to run the canteen


Just for the record too please note! That I have changed my email address as listed below



Frank Sieben

Chairperson / Junior Coordinator

McLaren Districts Soccer Club


Phone: 0466847051